Best Times to Update Electrical Appliances

Below you’ll find some tips for best times to update your electrical appliances. Here at DCL we can help with moving appliances, updating fuse boxes and much more! Replace your refrigerator every 10 years to save money on energy bills and prevent food spoilage.

Update your dishwasher every 5-7 years for better performance and lower water usage. Replace your stove-top, oven, or range hood after 15-20 years of use to avoid potential fire hazard. Change out the heating system in your home every 20+ years for efficiency and safety reasons.

Install a new hot water heater at least once every 12-15 years for increased energy efficiency. And finally, upgrade light fixtures with LED bulbs when they burn out to reduce power consumption by up to 80%. These are all things that should make your life a little easier when it comes to electricity in your home and your appliances.